Ciclismo Coaching’s History

Ciclismo means “cycling” in both Spanish and Italian.

                        “Un campione di ciclismo”, a cycling champion!

Andy Helps Rolf Before the TT at the Tour of the Gila

I founded Ciclismo because I have a passion for cycling. In 2008, I  started Ciclismo as a development team for riders graduating from the CSU cycling program. With the help of Rob Noble and Rob Ganger, Ciclismo Racing became one of the countries best amateur cycling teams in 2009. The poor economy and lack of funding in 2010 forced us to close that particular chapter, but I found other ways to have fun with cycling stay active in my cycling community.

In 2010, I was one of the five founding Board members of the Ciclismo Youth Foundation (CYF). Today, CYF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable foundation promoting youth cycling in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our mission is to create fun cycling opportunities for kids that build skills and fitness. The foundation puts on weekly bike practices for kids in the summer and operates the Fort Collins high school mtb teams in the fall. CYF also promotes 16 days of local bike racing on Tuesday nights in Fort Collins. You can read more at Ciclismo Youth Foundation.

Today, Ciclismo Coaching is my life’s work. I enjoy working with individual athletes in various diciplines and helping them achieve their goals. I also enjoy introducing them to coaching in the 21st century. With today’s scientific protocols and the Internet, I keep very close tabs on my clients. – Andy Clark

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