Andy Clark’s life has revolved around cycling for over 20 years. He has raced professionally in Belgium and on the U.S. domestic pro circuit. He also has a distinguished record as and Team Director and Coach.

Andy collaborates with the best physiologists, nutritionists, bike fit gurus, and athletes to create championship-caliber athletes. Andy’s athletes have been successful on the Road, Mountain and Cyclocross.

Ciclismo Coaching Creates Champions

  • 5 national championships

    Andy Coaching High School MTB Team
  • Over 45 national medals

Formula for Success:

  • Athletes have access to the most scientifically advanced testing protocols available
  • A Season Plan is developed for each individual athlete taking into consideration physiological test data, individual goals and lifestyle constraints.
  • The Season Plan is composed of purposeful daily workouts.
  • Daily workouts are analyzed through Training peaks taking into account your data and personal feedback.
  • Daily workouts are continuously updated and reconfigured, as needed, to maximize the effectiveness of the Season Plan.


Team Director Highlights

  • Fort Collins High School MTB team
  • Ciclismo Youth Foundation
  • Ciclismo Racing; an elite amateur road racing team
  • Colorado State University cycling program
  • The Rio Junior Team


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